Lenore Champagne Beirne

Hi there!

I'm Lenore.

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About Me

My purpose in life is full expression. For me to live in mine, and to support others in living in theirs.

I’m doing that by working with founders who I believe in - especially founders of color - at Bright Ventures. There, I coach, consult, and run a leadership accelerator program, the Bright Ventures Leadership Accelerator (BVLA). BVLA is a collection of people who are building businesses that reflect their own highest potential.

I’m always experimenting with new ways to challenge and grow myself. It’s something that I love to do; a desire to learn has driven all of my career choices to date. If you’re trying a new practice or reading a book that’s changing your life, I’d love to hear about it.

My own continuous development is something that pays dividends in my work as a leadership coach. I notice that the more I move through in myself, the more I can create with my clients. Some of the most powerful experiences I’ve had recently are with the brilliant women at Seven Stones Leadership, and through their book, the Seven Laws of Enough.

Right now, I’m excited to be learning more about how our bodies and minds are connected. In particular, for people (like me) who tend to live in their intellect. I’m studying that with the Strozzi Institute.

The people I work with across all of my projects are people who see themselves as part of a greater whole. We’re working for a future where we can all win.

My family and I live in Brooklyn, NY. My husband Paul is super creative and talented, and we launch small business and creative projects together. We have two daughters. We’re all obsessed with each other.

I went to school at NYU (MBA) and American University (BsBA).


Should we talk?

I love new ideas and inspiration. If it sounds as if we could work together in some way, or you want to share something you’re up to, feel free to reach out.


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